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Ghost True Albino Golden Teacher

Ghost True Albino Golden Teacher - is a rare and powerful variety of Psilocybe Cubensis. The Ghost strain was derived from another strain sometime in the last ten - fifteen years. An attempt to stabilize and isolate "a few albino golden teachers" resulted in the True Albino Teacher strain. Ghost is a further mutation of this strain, which was recognized early on and isolated into its Psilocybe Cubensis strain. These tiny white mushrooms are described by many as the cutest little psychedelic fungi ever! As always, all care is taken to preserve specimens whole. Cracker dry.

Naturally undetectable by sniffing dogs. Ships packed sealed in Mylar to protect from prying eyes and X-Ray machines. We can reliably supply hundreds of pounds annually. We will provide USPS tracking #. If you would like it to be PGP encoded, please state so in buyer's notes and provide your Public Key.

Recommended starting dose: 2 - 3 gram. Recommended mode of consumption: grind into dust in rotary coffee grinder (low cost one); mix with lemon juice and honey. Arrange music ahead of time for estimated trip duration. Pre-roll your joints. Provide soft light and visuals. Sometimes, the best visuals are great outdoors. Camp fire does not hurt. Keeping your body warm will increase the intensity of the trip.

Please use in safe environment. Your ability to operate machinery will be impaired.